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We are all called

Tonight children in White County will go hungry.

Tonight children will go to bed without feeling safe.

Tonight in Arkansas children will go without basic needs most kids take for granted.

Why is this happening? It doesn’t seem real. None of us wants to think that the cute kids we see stepping off the school bus won’t get fed again until breakfast at school. None of us wants to think that bad things are happening to children right here in our neighborhood. The sad thing though is that it does. Bad things happen to kids. Parents become unfit to parent and the child needs to be removed.

Where are they supposed to go? Who takes care of them?

The Bible answers this in James 1:27,

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”

This verse is the foundation of The Call. We are called to care for orphans in their distress. There are 22 foster homes and over 100 children in foster care in White County. Our orphans are in distress all over the United States, all over Arkansas, and all over White County.

Don’t worry — No one is going to tell you that have to open your home to foster children or feel the wrath of God. The Bible doesn’t say that you have to open your home to foster children in order to care for them. God does not call everyone to be a foster parent, but He does call everyone to do their part.

These girls may not feel called or be in a place to foster, but they made a big impact by helping get The Call House open!

These girls may not feel called or be in a place to foster, but they made a big impact by helping get The Call House open!

How can you do your part?

The great news is that there are a ton of ways to help out without adding children to your home. One the most obvious ways you can help is financially. For some people that is the best way that they know how to help. It’s the way that they prefer to help. If that’s you, great! If not, keep reading — there is something for you.

Here are a few other ways you can help:

  • CALL Office Volunteer – Copies, packet building or mailings as needed for The CALL
  • CALL MALL – Available as needed to sort, pick up or deliver clothing for children in foster care
  • Child Care – Available as needed during CALL meetings and trainings
  • Church Recruitment Team – Organizing and facilitating CALL presentations at local churches
  • Church Rep – Representing the CALL in your church congregation
  • County Advisory Committee – Advise and assist county leadership, attending bi-annual meetings
  • CPR Trainer – Available to CPR train foster families
  • DCFS Office Volunteer – Copies, mailing, filing & errands as needed at DCFS office
  • Emergency Care Team – Assist when children enter foster care & as needed
  • Foster Family Support System – Available to keep a child in foster care for a foster family up to 72 hours (certification required)
  • Fundraising – Volunteer during special events financially benefiting the CALL
  • Grant Writing – write grants for The CALL as needed
  • Hospitality Team – Prepare meals for CALL events or foster families as needed
  • Mentor -mentor a youth in foster care (certification required)
  • Notary Public – as needed to notarize paperwork at Informational Meetings
  • Prayer Team – Actively committed in prayer for the CALL
  • PRIDE Trainer – Certified trainer of foster families
  • Social Worker – Volunteer to perform home studies for foster/adoptive families
  • Speaker – Present helpful information for foster/adoptive families at meetings and trainings
  • Transporter – Provide transportation as needed for children in foster care (certification required)

One of the most important things that we can all do is PRAY. Be a prayer warrior. Pray that God would call wonderful families to accept the blessing/challenge of fostering. You can do a little or you can do a lot. There is something for everyone to do with the time and talents that they have.

Do what you are good at. Do it when you can. The most important thing is do something! It may not seem important to sort clothes or tell your church about The Call, but if one family decides to foster because you were volunteering then it’s worth it. One family at a time will get us to the goal of having foster homes waiting for children instead of children waiting for foster homes.

For more information on how you can help call 501-593-4850, comment on this post, or visit our Facebook page The Call in White County.


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