The Call ministry

Why give to The CALL?

Our world is full of brokenness and there are several Christ-led ministries trying to do what they can to heal and restore hope. There are awesome ministries to help build wells in Africa, support starving children in Ethiopia, missions, Christian radio, feeding the hungry, and many many more. Throw in The CALL and you’ve got people asking you to give money in the name of Jesus everywhere you turn.

Aside from giving $30 a month to 10 different ministries, what do you do? God calls us to help the orphans and the widows, to feed the hungry, and bring people to Jesus. How do we chose? I believe the answer is that God calls us. If everyone donated to missions, there’d be no money for orphans in China and Haiti. If everyone donated to build wells in Africa we wouldn’t have missionaries in Peru. I believe that God places certain missions on peoples hearts that He wants them to support to further His Kingdom. The question is, do you hear His call and if you do hear it, are you going to do anything about it?

Each ministry has a list of good reasons to support them. Here’s our list:

  • We’re local and we’re helping local children: These children aren’t just pictures on a card, they’re probably kids you’ve bumped into in the grocery store. They’re the kids in your son or daughter’s class. The foster families are people you see in church, or they’re your family and friends.
  • We’ve worked hard to ensure that our budget reflects our heart for foster children and foster families. About 49% of donations goes to recruiting, training, and supporting foster families, foster children, and volunteers and 18% goes to fundraising for these services. That means 67% of donations are used to directly or indirectly support foster families and children.
  • All of the staff at The CALL in White County are volunteers. Donations are never used to pay staff members.
  • You can see where your money is going. We always try to keep the community informed on what The CALL is doing. When you see that a new family has been opened as a foster home, you can know that your donation helped support the cost of opening that new home.

There are a few options when it comes to giving to The CALL.

The first option is a monthly donation. We are in need of people willing to commit to donating monthly throughout 2016. If we had 75 people stand up and say, “I’ll give $10 a month,” we’d have all the funds we need to meet our 2016 goals. If we only had 30 people commit to donating $25 a month, we’d have the funding we need.

The second option is a one-time donation. Not everyone feels like they can commit to a monthly donation due to different financial situations. A great time to make a one-time donation is Giving Tuesday. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday there’s Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a day where everyone can get together and make a donation to the organization of their choice after buying gifts for their loved ones. To participate, go to our donation website  on Tuesday, Dec. 1 and you will be able to make a secure donation online (this is also the place where you can make monthly donations).

The third option is a non-monetary donation. We have a lot of financial needs, but a great way to directly impact foster families and children is supplies donations. When children come into foster care they have a lot of immediate needs including a hot meal, clothes, lice treatments, and a tooth brush to call their own. We always need donations for our CALL Boutique. The CALL Boutique is a place for foster families to get things their foster children need or want at no cost.

Here’s a list of items that we are always in need of:

* Diapers/pull ups, wipes

* New hair brushes, bows

* New in package underwear and socks

* Bottles, sippy cups

* Shoes in excellent condition

* Gently used clothes for all ages

* Coats

* Books/coloring books/crayons

* Toys, Play-doh

* Lice shampoo

* Toothbrushes, toothpaste

* Shampoo and body wash

* Non-perishable food items

It doesn’t matter how you’re able to give, it only matters that you follow that call when you hear it. If you feel God calling you to help support the foster families and children of White County, please go to the link above and make a donation or contact us The CALL.


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