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Fostering Attitudes

The Parenting Perspective

Yesterday, I mentioned something about fostering around one of my friends. I assumed she already knew of our plans, but I guess it hadn’t come up before. Since we aren’t planning to start fostering for another two years or so, it isn’t exactly a central topic. I’ve mentioned it to other friends in the past and am usually met with guarded approval. That isn’t what I received this time.

Her first comment was “No!” (Really? No? It’s our life. No one’s forcing you to do it.) That was quickly followed by “You should watch your kids grow up and then enjoy some alone time just the two of you.” I can’t say I’m surprised by this opinion – she’s 34, chronically single, and quite happy with the realization that it is doubtful she will ever have children. I was surprised that she was trying to force it on us though…

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