The Call ministry

Why you can’t afford to miss this Info Meeting

Our next Informational Meeting is coming up here soon and if you’re interesting in fostering, adopting, or volunteering then you need to be there.

The Informational Meeting is a crucial first step in the process and putting off going to a meeting will prolong the fostering/adopting process. At the meeting you will find out important information about what it means to foster/adopt and what the process looks like.

At the meeting you and your spouse (just you if you’re single) will receive the first packet of paperwork — your background checks. You will be given the opportunity to fill it out at the meeting and return it that night to be sent off for processing. Once your paperwork is “in process” then you will be scheduled for PRIDE Training — the training required to open as a foster or adoptive home.

There are only so many Informational Meetings and PRIDE Trainings held in a year. Missing one for trivial reasons will make the process take much longer.

For example, if you attend the Informational Meeting in October, you and your spouse will be scheduled for January’s PRIDE Training. Once PRIDE Training is done, ideally (it varies from case to case), your home could be open by May or June.

If you skip October’s meeting because you really want to go to that Pampered Chef party or go fishing, you and your spouse will have to wait until November to attend an Informational Meeting. That means you may not get your home opened until June or July 2017.

If you feel called to foster or adopt, don’t skip this meeting to go fishing. Go to the meeting and get things started if that’s what you feel God is calling you to do. The Informational Meeting is the required first step  to the foster/adopt process. You can’t move forward until you take that first step.


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