The Call ministry

What is The CALL?

Over the past year in White County, our board members have worked hard to get the name of The CALL out there. From the response we’ve gotten over the past several months we can tell it’s working.

Our name has gotten out there, but people knowing our name and associating us with foster care isn’t enough. People have got to know what we do and how we do it in order for our goals to be met. The world of fostering is a big one and we only navigate part of it.

So what is The CALL and what is it that we actually do?

Well good question.

The CALL is a liaison between a foster/adoptive family and the Department of Children and Family Services. Our number one goal is to make sure there are more than enough well-trained, loving foster families for the children in foster care. Under that umbrella of making sure there are more than enough foster families for children in care comes A LOT of services.

What The CALL does:

  • Inform the public about the need for foster families and adoptive families.
  • Recruit Christian families to step up and become foster/adoptive families.
  • Help families fill out the background paperwork and other paperwork associated with completing the foster/adoptive process.
  • Provide the 30 hours of training in two weekends to better fit the families schedule.
  • Schedule families for low-cost CPR/First Aid training to meet the minimum State requirements.
  • Stay in touch with local DCFS to ensure the process is going as timely and smoothly as possible.
  • Support foster families once they are open by:
    • Providing meals when children are initially placed into the home.
    • Keeping multiple boutique’s stocked with clothes and other necessities for the children at no cost.
    • Provide continuing education for families to get their required yearly hours.
    • Maintain a lending library stocked with media to further the education of foster families and help the children.
    • Provide tutoring, mentoring, life skills classes, and other services to foster teens.
    • Offer periodic Foster Family Night’s out so parents get a much-needed break.

What The CALL does NOT do:

  • Provide legal services of any kind or give legal advice.
  • Place children in homes or take children out of homes.
  • Act as a liaison between foster families and biological families or biological families and DCFS.
  • Make final decisions about where children are placed.
  • Override decisions or requests made by DCFS.
  • One on one informational meetings unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Anything that goes against DCFS policy or procedures.


The CALL works with DCFS and for the foster/adoptive families. Everything we do is to help the families and children while maintaining a trusting and working relationship with the DCFS workers. We will never do anything to intentionally harm foster/adoptive families or go against DCFS.

We RECRUIT Christian families, TRAIN them to be foster/adoptive families, and SUPPORT foster/adoptive families once children are placed in the home.

If you have any questions about what The CALL does or doesn’t do, message us on Facebook or call/text County Coordinator Leigh Ann Johnston at 501-259-8845 or Communications Coordinator Erica Sirratt at 501-288-3197.



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