The Call ministry

We NEED you

You’ve seen us tell you we need volunteers.

You’ve seen our posts about how these children and families need your help.

Here’s a few possible reasons why you might not have volunteered:

  • You’re busy and you don’t have time
  • You’re waiting to see if someone else volunteers before you do it
  • You think we’ll ask for too much of your time
  • You assume that several people have already stepped up

Well, here’s the truth…we NEED you. We’re not exaggerating when we say that we can’t efficiently serve foster children and foster families without your help.

Here’s a few honest facts about what we’re looking at right now:

  • There are 8 board members that run The CALL in White County.
    • Six of our board members work outside of the home or go to school. Two of our board members work inside the home.
    • Seven of our board members are parents to either biological children, foster children, or a mixture of both. One is in the process of adoption.
  • We have had a lot of interest in people wanting to volunteer, but we’ve not had a lot of people follow through.
  • A lot of people “like” and “share” our Facebook statuses about foster care and needing volunteers, but not a lot of people to help out have said “I volunteer”.
  • The CALL House is being flooded with donations (THANK YOU!), but the donations are just piling up in our boutique because we don’t have any volunteers to sort, clean, and organize the donations.
  • Our foster families and foster children can’t take advantage of the wonderful donations we’ve received because we’re having a hard time getting things done without more volunteers.
  • We can’t get into churches without members of the church getting us in to spread the word.

The sad thing is, without more volunteers The CALL — and every other worthy ministry out there — becomes ineffective. All the bags of donations and monetary donations in the world won’t help if we don’t have volunteers to sort, organize, and distribute the donations. Those of us on the board are doing as much as we possibly can to get CALL business done without the other parts of our lives suffering.

We can’t do it alone. We really do need you.

This is not meant to make you feel bad. It’s not meant to insult you. Only you know if God has laid it on your heart to help The CALL.

If God is calling you to serve along side The CALL, don’t wait any longer. Let us know how much time you have to volunteer and what your talent is and we’ll plug you in!



One thought on “We NEED you

  1. I am taking Grandchildren too Church at Union Valley Baptist Church if there is some kids in Beebe that I could take and say spend Sunday with. Church in the morning and have Lunch and church in the evening at 5 and take to Awanas on Wednesday from 6 to 8. Hopefully I can find other ways also.


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