The Call ministry / The Process

You’ve turned in your paperwork, now what?

You finally got to that Informational Meeting that you’ve been meaning to attend and you got your background paperwork turned in. Congratulations!!

Now what?

Chances are you’re sitting at home wondering, “What do I do next?”

That’s when the wheels in your head start turning…

Was there something we were supposed to do once the paperwork got turned in?

Are we supposed to be receiving an email?

Will we get some letter of confirmation?

What did they say about XXX?

When did they say PRIDE training was?

Was I supposed to sign up for PRIDE or was someone supposed to call?

When is that someone supposed to call?

How long is that paperwork going to take?

Maybe I should call DCFS….

Maybe I should call the people at The CALL…

There are a few things to do when you find yourself in this position:

  1. Stop and relax. When you start sitting around thinking about all of this stuff, especially if you’re a woman, you start over analyzing and find yourself all worked up over things that aren’t worth getting worked up over. You forget what you’ve been told and suddenly you feel like you don’t remember anything about what is supposed to be happening.
  2. Be confident and patient. If you have turned your paperwork in, you’re done for now. If you haven’t heard anything from someone at The CALL or DCFS then there’s nothing you need to worry about — nothing for you to do but wait. You will receive a phone call, letter, or email if DCFS needs anything else from you. You will get a phone call, text message, or email letting you know when your PRIDE training is scheduled. Don’t worry, we won’t let you miss PRIDE without doing everything we can to contact you first. If you find yourself forgetting about the process or some other information, look back at the blue folder you received at the meeting OR go to our website and see if there’s an article or page on our site that could answer the questions you have.
  3. Remember who you’re dealing with. Never in history has any paperwork or process moved quickly when you’re talking about the government. We’re not trying to be negative about DCFS, just honest. DCFS receives tons of paperwork from prospective foster and adoptive families that they have to wade through. Not only are they working on processing the State Background Check, they’re running an FBI check. These both take time — weeks typically. Sometimes a few months.

If you’ve taken the time to relax, searched your blue folder and our website, and tried to keep in mind that the process will take time, but you’re still uneasy or you still have questions — then message us on our Facebook page or give one of us at The CALL a call.


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