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Small groups: An asset to foster care

Our church is an extended family. We’re supposed to have a closeness with our church that allows us to be honest and go to our church when we need help. We should be close enough to our church that we understand that others in the church have needs and that we have the ability to help out when others in the church need it.

Some of us go to a smaller church where it’s possible to know the majority of the people we sit in the sanctuary with on Sunday mornings. Some of us, however, go to a larger church where getting to know everyone takes years. Regardless of the size of your church family — your immediate church family are those that you are in Sunday School or small group with. These are the people you pray for by name every week in class. These are the people that you socialize with on different occasions. These are the people that you can approach about your needs and your passions in ministry.

Your Sunday School or small group is the circle of people that can rally with you to support the foster children and foster families in White County. If you’re a foster family, they should jump at the chance to help support you along with the other families.

A fire starts with one small flame. If you stand up and tell your class that you have a heart for helping the foster children in White County, it may give your class the same passion. That small fire of passion for The CALL within your class could set your whole church ablaze in support of local foster children.

So what can your class do to help?

Collect supplies for The CALL

We are constantly in need of diapers, wipes, and other items. A great way to help is for your class to have a one time “baby shower”. If the class wants to do something on a more consistent basis, you could set up a donation box in the classroom.

Take up a love offering

A love offering is a great way to support foster children. Money collected can be used to meet specific needs and help in areas where we’re lacking in supplies. The class can take up a one time offering or choose to take up an offering once a month.

Volunteer in the boutique

Your class can volunteer to help out in the boutique once a month sorting, cleaning, and hanging up clothes. This is a small, but important way to help The CALL.

Help with meals for training

Sixteen days a year we are teaching families how to be great foster parents. Because training lasts for several hours at a time, we bless our families by feeding them lunch. Your class can come together and make lunch for the families two or three times a year. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal, our families would be thankful for spaghetti, salad, and some garlic bread. If your class doesn’t want to cook a meal, ordering a meal for the group is a great option.

Your Sunday School class or small group can make a big difference in the lives of the foster children and foster families in White County. We are all called to help orphans (James 1:27) and the above list is just a few ways your group can do that.

If your church or small group at church wants to work with us in support foster children and foster families, message us on Facebook or call us at 501-288-3197 to find out more information.


One thought on “Small groups: An asset to foster care

  1. Great article! Our surrounding circles are so important in our lives. For The CALL, our foster parents desperately need to be plugged into a small group in their church in order to cultivate a culture of foster care. God called us to build relationships with Him and with each other. Thank you for your encouraging words!


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