The Call ministry

When the puzzle comes together

No matter where we are at in our life journey, we are there for a reason. Sometimes we know what is going to come out of the situation we’re in and sometimes we don’t. God always knows though and it’s an amazing thing to see the puzzle when God gets it all put together for us to see.

I became the Communications Coordinator for The CALL in White County a little over a year ago. Until last October, I’d never considered taking a position like this and yet when I look back I see that God has been working to get me to this place for years.

I got my degree in Writing with an emphasis in journalism and public relations. I landed my dream job at a newspaper. I thought it was all coming together. We filed paperwork to adopt soon after and before we even got our initial approval, I found out I was pregnant after three years of infertility struggles.

After a few months of working I realized I hated my job and it wouldn’t even be worth it financially to keep working after the baby got here because of childcare costs. I quit my job and decided to stay home. Even though I felt it was the right move, I wasn’t sure why I’d spent all those years getting a degree I wasn’t using.

Two years later I started to feel a pull towards fostering. Last August my husband and I went to an informational meeting with The CALL. It was there that I learned they also needed volunteers. I figured it’d be something to do in the meantime while we waited to get through the fostering process.

It turns out, God was calling the current communications person to take over training and they needed someone to to communications. I was right where God wanted me to be. My degree and job experience gave me the knowledge I needed to be in order help the foster children in White County.

When I was going to college and under the impression that I was working towards a future career as a journalist, God was preparing me for something else. When I thought we were being called to foster, it was just God’s way of leading me to my current position.

What’s your story? Has God gently brought you to where you are today so that you’re equip to serve the foster children through The CALL through fostering or volunteering? Or has God blatantly said, “DO SOMETHING,” and you’ve tried to ignore it?

It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are today, what matters is what you do with your experiences.

— Erica Sirratt, Communications Coordinator



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