For Foster parents

What does church support look like?

The Great Commission isn’t just a suggestion and most churches take that seriously.

Churches have fundraisers, budget, take up special offerings, send off missionaries, etc….all in the spirit of the Great Commission. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will soon, but being a foster parent is being a missionary. You are bringing broken children, and often times, broken families into your life for a short (sometimes long) period of time.

These people come into your life without any clue who Jesus is and why He is so important. As a CALL foster family you have the advantage of being able to witness to these children and families. You can show them Jesus. As a foster parent, your entire family is in the middle of a wild mission field. There may not be malaria or rogue elephants in White County, but the need for Jesus is here.

Have you told your church leadership that you’re a foster parent? Do they know what it really means for you to be a foster parent? Do they know what it takes? Have you called on your Sunday School class in a time of need?

Churches tend to support missions. Your home is a mission field. I know it may seem awkward and slightly uncomfortable, but talk to your pastor or small group leader about ways your church can help. Tell them how they can help The CALL if you’re uncomfortable asking for them to help you specifically.

When you have a need, don’t be afraid to share it with your church. Let them know, “Hey we just got a new placement and this little guy is really needing a guardrail for his bed. Does anyone have one or know where we can get one?”

Let them know that diapers, wipes, and underwear are huge and consistent needs. Not everyone can foster, but everyone can help. There are people out there willing to bless your family and your foster children. It’s not begging and it’s not wrong to ask for a little extra help.

The church is an extension of your family. If your family was in need, what would you do to help them out?


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