Our library

The CALL lending library is a new and developing service for our foster and adoptive families. The library is located at The CALL House, 932 Hwy. 64 West in Beebe. To borrow a book from the library, message us on Facebook or text/call Communications Coordinator Erica Sirratt to determine availability and an appointment to get the book or video.

The following books/videos are currently at The CALL lending library:

For Parents

Forever Mom What to Expect when You’re Adopting — This book helps prepare your other children for new siblings, helps with settling children in, address misbehavior while remaining connected and gives tips on nurturing your marriage in the midst of it all.

Foster Care Secrets kept Underground — A memoir describing childhood memories of abuse and neglect and how the author found redemption in Jesus. This would be a book for foster parents to read and share with their foster teens.

The Connected Child — This is the go-to book for foster/adoptive families looking for discipline tips for their foster/adoptive children. This book help[s build bonds of affection and trust, deals with any learning or behavioral disorders, and helps discipline with love without making him or her feel threatened. This discipline book is one ALL foster/adoptive parents should read!

Adopted for Life — This book talks about how we were all adopted into the family of God. It addresses the need for adoptive families, struggles adoptive families may face, and how the church can and should support adoptive families. This book talks about ALL forms of adoption (private, international, and foster care).

Faith and Foster Care — A book filled with stories and practical advice on maintaining a healthy marriage as a foster family, how to love and pray for foster children and their birth families, and how to let go when foster children leave your care.

A Place I Didn’t Belong — This book is a hope for adoptive moms. It helps validate some of the devastating experiences of adoptive parenthood and offers hope, practical coping strategies for issues that come up, and spiritual renewal. It’s about real life, real women, and real struggles.

Parenting the Hurt Child — This book provides strategies for parents whose children may not want to cooperate for quite some time after placement. It gives you suggestions to help your hurt child heal, grow, and develop. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, as well as hear stories from those who have been there.

Spiritual Healing for Children in Foster Care — This book is for children and teens, but it should be something parents and children read together. It provides reinforcement of love and self-worth while encouraging forgiveness for what has happened in their life.

Children’s books

Maybe Days — A book for children in foster care to address the questions, feelings, and concerns they may have. Questions such as, will I live with my parents again or will I stay with my foster parents forever? (Ages 4-10)

Kids Need to be Safe — This book helps children in foster care prepare for, understand, and accept foster care. It shares why some kids move to foster homes, what foster parents do, and how kids might feel during foster care. (Ages 4-10)

Families Change — This book helps children who are experiencing termination of parental rights. It shows why some kids get new foster parents or new adopted moms or dads. (Ages 4-10)


Empowering, Connecting, and Correcting — In this 2-hour presentation, Dr. Karyn Purvis, explains her research-based approach with children who come from what she calls “hard places.” These are children who have been exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero or suffered abuse, trauma, or neglect early in life. She explains how harm during these critical stages causes significant disruptions in a child’s development and behaviors.


****Check back periodically for new arrivals!****