Services for Foster/adoptive families

The CALL in White County strives to offer as many services to White County CALL families as possible.

Services currently offered:

The CALL Boutique — The CALL Boutique is a place for foster families to get clothes, toys, furniture, and other items needed for foster children of all ages. We have three locations: Beebe (The CALL House), Searcy (Searcy Living boutique), and Rose Bud (First Baptist). We are getting ready to open another boutique in Bald Knob.

To shop in the boutique or find out about what we have in stock, message us on Facebook or contact County Coordinator Leigh Ann Johnston at 501-259-8845 or Communications Coordinator Erica Sirratt at 501-288-3197.

Foster Parents Night Out — Every few months, The CALL gives foster parents a night out to have some alone time while feeling confident that their children are taken care of and entertained.

Continuing Education — Foster parents are required to have 12 hours of continuing education training each year starting on their one-year anniversary of being open. We offer several opportunities throughout the year to get hours you need through classes, videos, fellowships, and guest speakers. We will announce upcoming opportunities to get hours through text, email, or Facebook.

Lending library — There are several books out there with lots of great information for foster families and adoptive families. We are working on building up a library for the families to borrow books and videos so that the families don’t have to search and purchase the books themselves. Go to our lending library page to find out what books we have available.

Tutoring — We have a list of tutors available to help students 12-21 on their normal studies, test prep, and college prep.

Mentoring — Transitioning foster children (ages 12-21) are in need of adults that can pour their time and energy into them. We can help match your transitioning teen with a mentor to help them navigate the transitioning years.

Life Skills training — We will periodically offer life skills classes (cooking, Biblical sex education, health classes, finance, etc…) for transitioning foster children (ages 12-21).

Bedside angels — Sometimes foster children end up hospitalized due to pre-existing conditions or other illnesses. This can put emotional and financial strain on foster families. We have pre-screened volunteers standing by to sit with foster children who are in the hospital while the families go eat dinner, take a shower, go to work, or take a long nap. For more information about bedside angels, message us on Facebook to get in contact with Volunteer Coordinator Fran Howard.

Meals — When a new children are placed in your home or your family is experiencing a difficult/stressful time due to unforeseen circumstances, we have casseroles and other thaw and cook meals to help you out temporarily.


For more information about any of these services or to give us ideas about services we should try to offer, contact County Coordinator Leigh Ann Johnston at 501-259-8845 or Communications Coordinator Erica Sirratt at 501-288-3197.