The Certification Process


Step 1 | Attend The CALL Information Meeting
Prospective families are required to attend an information meeting in their home county. At this meeting, families will learn more about The CALL and the DCFS requirements for fostering or adopting. At this meeting, families will be given the background paperwork to fill out. The CALL in White County holds informational meetings several times a year. Check out our calendar page to see when the next informational meeting is.

Step 2 | Attend The CALL Foster/Adopt PRIDE Training 
Once a prospective family has attended an informational meeting and turned in the initial background paperwork, the family will be signed up for the required 30 hours of training. DCFS holds these classes on a weekly basis for several weeks, but The CALL holds the entire training over two weekends. PRIDE Training is held on two Saturdays and two Sundays.

Step 3 | Attend CPR/First Aid Training
At PRIDE Training, prospective foster/adoptive families will be signed up for a local CPR/First Aid Training at a reduced cost.

Step 4 | Prospective Family will be referred for a SAFE Home Study
SAFE Home studies will be scheduled by DCFS once all the other above steps are complete. The CALL has no control over this part of the process.

Step 5 | Attend a local Foster/Adopt Parent Support Group Meeting

Step 6 | If Certified by DCFS, the home will be open for placement
A Resource Specialist from DCFS will conduct a Final Walk Through and open the home. Once a home is open for fostering or adoption, The CALL in White County has several services available to help the foster families and children.