Where does your donation go?

All physical donations given to The CALL in White County go directly to foster children or the foster families in White County. When an item is dropped off at the house we announce to the families that we’ve received a particular item and ask the families if anyone needs it. If a foster family, adoptive family, or a family getting ready to open as a foster family says they need the item we deliver it or they come and get it. If we do not have any families that need the donated item right away, we store it until a family or foster child does need it.

All donations, except for large furniture items, are kept in our boutique at The CALL House in Beebe. White County Foster Families are able to get items from the boutique for free to come and get anything they need for their foster children at any time. We also schedule special events several times a year to encourage the families to come and shop the boutique.

The Department of Children and Family Services periodically calls us and tells us if a foster family or foster child not associated with The CALL has a need and we help meet that need. We also make sure the foster children have everything they need before they go home to their biological families. If the only thing a biological family needs is a bed for their child before the child can return home, we will find a way to get a bed to that family so the child can go home to their parents.

All monetary donations given to The CALL in White County help directly or indirectly help the foster families and foster children in White County. We are required to give 15% of all monetary donations to The CALL in Arkansas, which oversees all of the CALL county-level organizations. This 15% goes to various operating costs to ensure that our organization is able to continue supporting foster families and foster children all across the state. All board members and workers at the county-level of The CALL in White County are volunteers – no monetary donations go to paying salaries for county members of The CALL.

The other 85% of monetary donations goes towards White County foster families and White County foster children.

This money goes towards:

  • Parents Night Out – Burnout is a big part of why foster families quit fostering. To prevent this from happening, we provide free childcare and a free night out for foster families four times a year.
  • Necessities – We have many generous people that donate items to us that foster children and families may need. However, sometimes a need comes up that we can’t meet with a physical donation so we purchase the item for the child when all other options are exhausted.
  • Continuing Education – Foster families are required to have 12 hours of continuing education every year. We help them meet their hours by providing training videos, books, and in-classroom sessions.
  • Aging out – Foster teens 12-21 are considered high risk. We provide tutoring, mentoring, life skills training, and other assistance to ensure these teens have the best chance at success.
  • Recruitment and training – We hold informational meetings six times a year to try and recruit new foster families. There are over 100 children in care and only 30 foster families in White County. Once these families are recruited they are required to go through 30 hours of training. We provide this training and their meals during training at no cost to them.
  • Fundraising – We’ve learned that God can take what we have and turn it into something bigger. To better support our families, we come together a few times a year and try to raise funds to ensure that we can continue doing what we’re doing for the foster children. This money goes back to the children in the end.